Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big and Bold, Clean and Simple

Okay, so you may think big and bold, and clean and simple, are somewhat contradictory but I want to show you a card that is both of these things.  Sometimes when buying a collection pack, you get some very large prints that you wonder "How will I ever use this?"  Here's one way.
Make that bold print the focus of your card.  This paper is from Cloud 9, their specialty pack.  I chose two colors from the print to layer my sentiment on.  The sentiment is printed on my computer with the color of the inside layer.  Guess what paper I used to print that sentiment on?  There were several sheets in the pack that had printing on the outside edges only.  Since they were coordinating colors, I took the center out and used it to print on.  That way I didn't have to use white or cream, when either of those colors would be too glaring.  I added a little bling in the corners with pearls in the same burgandy color.  How lucky was that!  No Cricut this time, but how simple, easy and colorful.  Love it when a color selection and card come together.

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  1. Hi Bobby! so nice to meet you and tell you that I love your card! I think the paper is just great and makes your sentiment pop! I am a new follower of your sweet blog and would love to have you pop over for a visit and perhaps follow too! Great job!
    Cindy Porter