Monday, January 16, 2012

My Craft Room

I've enjoyed looking at other people's craftrooms, and envying a lot of them.   My room is very small, only 8' by 10' and includes not only my papercrafting but also my sewing and computer.  I've had to be very organized and limit my supplies, but I'm happy with the way it works for me - most of the time.  I do have a few things that need to change but that will have to wait until I'm back home.  I thought I would show you the way I have organized my room in several posts. 

First is my tool organization, not including punches and Cricut cartridges.

I bought these wrapped wire picnic caddies a long time ago at JoAnn's on clearance.  I have 7 hanging on the wall above my work space.  On the right you can see my few stamps, misters, etc.  Next to that are my markers. I recently found the little cardboard baskets  in the Target $1 bin and clipped them on the front.  The ones you can see in this picture hold notes and templates on the right and bling in the other.  (I told you I had limited supplies.)

These caddies are set up to hold 1) decorative scissors, corner chomper, rulers, paper punches and a video box with brads and a few other things. The basket in front holds glue dots and dimensionals.  2) Cricut manuals, a jar of tools (the jar keeps awls and screwdrivers from sticking throught the bottom of the basket) and a few other items.  The one above has masking tape, reinforcements and some other office supplies.  There is another one above that with other markers and different kinds of glue.

Here is a close-up  of the basket in the middle.

You can see how the basket is divided into 3 sections in front and 1 long one in back.  One side holds my scissors (again in a jar) and the left has craft knife, utility knife and what I use to take things off my Cricut mat - an old ceramic tool.  In the middle is my glue.  Somehow the glue sticks, 2 sizes of Zig sticks and my liquid glue all fit just perfectly in the little section.  In the back are my scor tapes, repositionable tape and my big tape runner.  I use this bin the most and I love that all of these things are within easy reach when I'm working.

I undertand this wouldn't work for those of you who have a large amount of tools and supplies, but to keep things close or organize small amounts, I think this is a good system.  Works for me! : )

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