Friday, January 20, 2012

Technicolor Prayer Shawl

I have been part of a prayer shawl group for several years.  Six or seven membesr of my church get together once a month to knit/crochet and bless finished shawls.  We also knit at home to fulfill the number of shawls needed.  Recently, a member of our congregation donated a large amount of yarn to the church.  Members of the group picked out what they wanted to use and I decided I wanted to use up the odds and ends.

This is only a small portion of the yarn balls and partial skeins I took.  And this is what came from it.  The shawl is about 20" wide and 60" long with fringe.  You can get a lot of knitting done while traveling in a car or watching football playoffs. lol

These prayer shawls are prayed over and given to members and friends of the church who are going through difficult times.  They are a form of comfort and a sharing of God's love and our prayers.  We even started a tradition of giving white prayer shawls to members of the church who are getting married.  They are given as part of their wedding ceremony.  Do you belong to a prayer shawl group?

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  1. What a lovely shawl - and a beautiful idea! I've never even heard of a prayer shawl in this sense. How amazing that the recipients are literally covered in prayer with these shawls!!
    Bobby, I saw your message on my blog but I need your email address in order to get the My Craft Spot gift certificate to you. If you sent something, I did not receive it so please try again: smallbitsofpaper @
    Congratulations again!!