Monday, March 5, 2012

Gift Card

I sometimes make cards that represent a gift that has already been given or that can't be wrapped.  It may include a little poem telling the recipient what the card is for.  The card below is just such a card.  I took it at Christmas time and for some reason my camera decided that everything was going to come out blurry so it's my picture taking, not your eyes.

When we cleaned out my parents' garage last August, there was a small table saw that my son-in-law wanted.  They gave it to him then but wanted to let him know that it was his Christmas present.  I made this card using Handyman for the saw and Christmas Cheer for the wreath.   I don't think I saved a copy of the poem but I need to start doing that, just for my own records.  Again, my apologies for the quality of the phot.