Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haul Part 2

Today was/is a busy one.  We had a women's Lenten luncheon at church with a number of other area churches.  I was the emcee for the program part and also played my hammered dulcimer.  That meant I had to tune and practice in the morning.  Tonight is the Community Soup Supper at church followed by bell choir practice.   We are starting up again after a winter hiatus, since I was gone.  I can't wait.  I love playing the bells.  Well, I love playing the dulcimer, too, but sometimes that's a solo activity.

I haven't had time to make another card so I'm showing some of the other things I bought while I was down south.  Wal-Mart had a clearance sale on some ot their valentine items so I got a couple of stamps, bling, flocking (which I've never used before) and glitter chipboard hearts for 25 cents each.  From the Target dollar bin, I got 2 packages of valentine ribbon although some of it could be used for anniversary cards. 

I ordered some stamps from JoAnn's when they had a sale and offered free shipping.  Love that free shipping.  I got the tag and oval seen here and also a couple of circle sizes.  I hesitated because I can always cut circles with my Cricut but sometimes it's easier to cut certain things that you want to center with a punch. 

I have two birthdays next week so I REALLY have to get some cards made.  I think Saturday will be a dedicated card making day.  I hope you are all making time to get your cards (and layouts) done.


  1. Don't you love getting new stuff Bobby? It could be just the little things that give us crafters such joy! I know what you mean about punches like that though. I'm always thinking that I could just make it on the Cricut. I hope you're having a wonderful time with the church events!


  2. Hi Bobby! Thanks for becoming a new follower! I'm following you now too :) Thanks for the great suggestions on making scrapbooking a little easier now that our family has grown!!

    ~ Laurie Lu