Thursday, October 25, 2012

Such a Tease

That Mother Nature is such a tease.  It was 77 degrees here today.  Tomorrow it will only get to 54 and even colder on the weekend.  Why does she do that to us?  Make it warm when it's supposed to be warm and cold when it's supposed to be cold, I always say.

It was windy, today, too.  We raked leaves from my parents back door and when we went to pick them up for a soup supper at the church, they were back and brought friends.  There was an up side.  A big fallen branch had been caught in another branch over their garage that was too far up for anyone to reach.  It has been swinging there for over a year but not any more.  Today's wind said "Enough is enough" and down it went without damaging the roof.

I haven't had much time to make cards in the last couple of days but ideas are running through my head thanks to the inspiration from bloggers I follow and design teams on challenge sites.  I did make this card the other day for My Craft Spot - Little Monsters. 

I wasn't even sure I had a monster cut but when I did a search on Design Studio I found this one on my newly purchased B is for Boy.  I just love his many eyes and used Glossy Accents to make them shine.  I even put him on an action wobble.

Someone's going to love getting him for their birthday.


  1. What a cute card. The stripe paper is fabulous and I love the monster. It's so neat that he's on an action wobble too! Thanks for playing at My Craft Spot!

  2. I love your little monster. I totally forgot about that cute monster from B is for Boy cartridge. I really like the colors you used and the shape of your card. Thanks for entering your card in the *Little Monsters* challenge at My Craft Spot. :)