Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Better Days Are Coming

Aarrrggghh!  It's been one of those days.  Never try to make a card when you're tired and you have your mind on other things.  I finally got it done but oh the frustration.  Hence the title of this blog and sentiment on the card.  This card is for the Mojo Monday challenge.  Here is the sketch.

I decided to make the round one.  I'm not sure I'm real happy with it but here it is.

The circle card is cut from George and Basic Shapes.  So are the moon and star.  I cut a second layer in the card color so the fold doesn't show.  Then I cut a smaller circle out of some star paper that I've had for quite a while.  The moon is a gold shimmer paper and the star a white glitter.  The rectangles are cut from the top of a paper that was in a picture stack.  I knew I would never use that paper for much of anything and the color was right.  It actually looks like a better match in person.   I printed the sentiment on one and thought for quite a while about the other one.  It didn't look right plain, and I didn't have a print that would work.  What would go with a star and a moon?   I know!  Shooting stars.  Out comes my trusty white pen to make the lines and some tiny rhinestones at the top.  Okay, now it's done. 

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