Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cheater Card

I'm trying to stick to my pledge to post everyday.  I'm busy getting my folks ready to go to Florida for the winter so I have not had much time to make cards.

When I first began cardmaking, I bought some of the cards sets that were already printed on the front.  When I need a quick card, these come in handy.  Case in point:

How easy is this?  I picked two pieces of cardstock  that matched the printed card and cut strips of varying widths.  I printed the sentiment over 3 times on a piece of white cardstock and put them all together.  I also print the inside on my computer.  If you have a stash of paper, you can get this card done in 5 minutes.

Today is my youngest granddaughter's 9th birthday.  If I hadn't already posted the card I sent her, I would have posted it today.   Happy Birthday, Kjerstin!

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