Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lost and Found

Two years ago my mother lost her luggage when it was mis-marked at the Flint MI airport and sent to Providence RI instead of Raleigh NC.  Although the airlines said they found it and would return it to Raleigh, it never showed up.  Some of her favorite things were in there and she was sick about it.

While at the lake earlier this summer, the president of our American Legion Auxiliary stopped by and said the state office was trying to reach Mom.  When I called, they said someone from Duquesne University was trying to locate her.  I called the number, which happened to be the assistant Athletic Director, and he said they had her suitcase.

It seems the Duquesne football team was playing in Providence that weekend.  Somehow her suitcase got onto their charter flight.  When they got back to the university, no one claimed the bag.  Who would?  It was a absolutely huge, flowered one.  lol  It was a case of everyone thinking someone was taking care of finding the owner.  Instead it got shoved into a storage room.  While cleaning it out, the AD came across it, went through it and found the Legion card.

It took a while to get it because he was trying to find a box big enough to put it in.  I told you it was HUGE.  He finally called UPS and they said he didn't need a box, to send it through as it was.  Meanwhile, every time someone came to the door, Mom thought it was her long lost suitcase coming home.  When it finally arrived, she couldn't wait to see what she had been missing.

I made a card for her to send as a Thank You.

The suitcase is from Summer Vacation and I cut two images, one in black and one in the print that looked somewhat like the original.  I trimmed the handle and legs off the print and put a piece of silver behind the zipper slit.  The tag is from Tiny Tags die and Tiny Tags 2 stamps from My Craft Spot, as is the twine.  The embossing is from my new folder from The Paper Studio called Geo Square (on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  He may be as shocked to get this card as we all were to find the suitcase.  It has made some great storytelling.

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  1. What an AMAZING story!! Wow!! I'll bet you were all just blown away that your mom's suitcase was returned after two years!! I'm so glad that she got her items back!!
    Your card is perfect for the occasion! I love the look of the embossing behind the flowered suitcase. Great job!