Sunday, November 11, 2012

Honoring Dad

Praise, honor and blessings to all veterans on this November 11.  We never fully know the sacrifices they have made.  Here is a picture of my dad who served in World War II.

He was drafted at 27 even though teachers were supposed to be exempt from the draft at that time.  As you can see from the armband, he was in the medical corps.  He never talked about the war until the 50th anniversary and everyone else was talking about it, and then only shared a little.  We watched Saving Private Ryan with him and he said that was exactly the way it was. 

He is now 96 years young and doing fairly well although he uses a walker.  He keeps telling people it's because he was injured during the war, which he was, but that's not the truth.  The walker is because of two hip replacements and a torn muscle.  His goal is to live to 100.  I hope you make it, Dad.  I love you!

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