Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thanks BW

Hello Blogger Friends,

It has been a while since I've posted.  Christmas for our family stretched out for a week as each of my children and their families visited.  They stayed at my parents' home which is larger than mine but since they are in their nineties, I did all the cooking etc.  That meant carrying things back and forth.  It was hectic but I loved it! 

And then it was packing my folks off to stay with my brother in Florida for several winter months.  Mom was rather stressed out about forgetting things and wanted to be packed WAY in advance.  Fortunately my sister was here to help with the entire process, including flying with them to Tampa. 

Now that they are ensconced in a safe and warm environment, it is our turn to "fly the coop" so to speak.  We are leaving tomorrow for 2 months in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  This will be our 17 year to go south for the winter and I'm mixed about it.  I can't take any of my paper crafting things (boo hoo).  In fact, with our new car, I'm not sure how much of the other things I take will  actually fit in but more about that another time. 

I wanted to be sure to post this card I made that fits the Less is More challenge - Black and White with a splash of color.

Well, I guess I'm not going to post that card.  I can't get a "browse" tab on my insert image link.  I went to blogger help and did all the things they suggested and no luck.  Anyone else having trouble and if so, how did you solve it?


  1. That is weiiiird, Bobby. I was just thinking last night that I hadn't seen you around for awhile and there you were today in my inbox comments!!

    First, real quick, did you try HTML in your post? Go into the post like you normally would when typing. You will see at the top, over to the LEFT a bit there are two tabs, "Compose" (which you are in) and then "HTML." Select HTML and you will see it is all in code. Now to the immediate right you will see some of the same icons you see in Compose, one of which is the little photo icon. Click on that and you should get a "browse" pop up window which is self-explanatory. That worked for me for a while, especially after I cleared cookies.

    I hope that works since you want to post your LIM card before you leave. Which brings me to: Have a safe, safe trip and a wonderful time!! We'll be here when you get back! (And what a good daughter you are, from really good genes!)

    All the best, Darnell

  2. I hope you are enjoying the warmth! We've just survived a deep freeze up here in my part of Canada. It's warmer now - but we've got a freezing rain warning in effect. If you still have mixed thoughts, I'd be happy to trade places!! You can use all my crafting supplies too! :)

    1. Thanks but no thanks, Kate. I'd love to peruse your crafting supplies but I'll take the warm weather over crafting the in cold any day.