Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Belated, Ardyth

Yesterday was Ardyth Percy-Robb's Birthday and fellow blogger, Darnell Knauss had a card party for her.  I didn't get the message until late so I had to make a card this morning.  We were asked to CASE (Copy and share everything) one of Ardyth's cards and I chose this one.

 You can see this card and the other wonderful MASKerade creations here.  Just click on her gallery.

I changed my card a little.

For one thing, I have a lot fewer strips.  I still had trouble fitting them correctly on the card and I don't know how Ardyth did such a perfect job of fitting hers.  I also used a black background, mainly because I like black with bright colors, and because I didn't have a good gray.  The sentiment was computer generated using Comic Sans font.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Ardyth.  I'm sure seeing all the cards on Darnell's blog was the bright spot of the day.


  1. Great take on Ardyth's card. I think the black works wonderfully here. I'm sure she will love it! Bev

  2. Ardyth uses black at the back often, Bobby, so this is a fantastic CASE of her rainbow stipes card!! I couldn't find your email on your site and didn't want to mention it in a comment in case she saw it, so I'm delighted you noticed it on my blog and joined in the fun! I hope other people continue to make her cards for an "extended" birthday for her! Mwah! Darnell

  3. You are absolutely right - this lovely surprise birthday party was definitely a highlight of not just my day, but my life - never did I think I would have so many lovely people sending me so many lovely happy birthday thoughts and taking the time to make such beautiful cards! I agree that I love bright colours against the black - I think when I put mine on grey I was making a conscious decision not to make 'yet another' black/rainbow card! I love how yours turned out so dramatic. Thanks so much for coming to my birthday party, Bobby!

  4. Beautiful CASE of Ardyth. Love all those bright colors and the stripes. I think that Ardyth has some Canadian magic powder that she uses to get things perfectly lined up and such.

  5. This is absolutely fantastic ~ love your CASE of her card ~ it looks great on black!