Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prayers and CASE Study #141

My heart and prayers go out to the families who were affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  It must have been terrifying for them, seeing and hearing that powerful wind.  We had a wind come through here early last evening and it was scary even though it lasted only one minute.  We lost power because of big limbs down and the town is covered with broken branches, but nothing like in Moore.  It's difficult to imagine the destruction even though we see it on TV.

CASE Study is a new challenge for me.  Some bloggers I follow were linking up there so I checked it out and decided it would be a fun one to enter.  Here's the inspiration card:

I thought of a number of things that I could do, and actually made one card similar to the one I ended up with.  I wasn't at all satisfied with it, thinking it was too plain.  Sometimes I try to go too clean and simple and end up with boring.

I recently bought the ticket dies and stamps from My Craft Spot and thought they'd work well for the colored portion of my card. On the first card, I used the word stamps that came with the tickets and stamped several of them but it just didn't send me.  Then I thought of the old Jon Lovitz phrase from SNL,  "Yeah, that's the ticket."  Perfect!  I cut the word "ticket" using my Wild Card cartridge and my Cricut.  The "That's the" was printed from the computer.  To give it some pop, I put a black frame around the top layer.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

I'm so glad you stopped by.  Please leave a comment so I can return the favor.


  1. Oh how fun! The tickets are so clever!!

  2. Very cool, Bobby! I was a first-timer at Case Study earlier this week myself. Your Cricut was just the ticket to make this card rock!!

  3. Welcome to CASE Study and thanks for linking up! I love the depth of colour you get with the tickets; they really pop off the white :)

  4. I love your fun card and your colours are so pretty! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - hugs xx

  5. I love these tickets. Fun colors too.

  6. I remember that SNL "That's the ticket" phrase. We used to say it all the time!

    Bobby, this card is fabulous! I love the multi-coloured strips of tickets. What a super idea - and looks fantastic, especially with that sentiment!!