Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm back with CAS #59

I'm back!!!  If you want to know what I've been up to, keep reading. If you want to see my card, scroll down.  I'll forgive you.

I've been busy since the end of July when we had our family reunion.  We came home for a few day and then I got ready for our annual Girls' Week Out, which includes my daughter Lisa, her daughter Allyson, my daughter-in-law Christy and her two daughters Anneka and Kjerstin,  and this year we added granddaughter Emily (my other son's daughter whose sister Abby was taking driver's training and couldn't come). Sometimes our week ends up only being a few days depending on everyone's schedule, but this time we were able to do a full week.  And we crammed a LOT into that week.

We went to my Lisa's, who lives in the greater Dayton area.  We helped Allyson set up her new art classroom, painted a wall in her basement (a Mondrian inspired mural), did some shopping, went to the Columbus Zoo, followed by dinner with my grandson Ryan, who recently moved to Columbus. Kettering had a great "Taste of the Greene" where all the mall restaurants had booths with samples.  I use the word sample loosely because some booths had sliders or sandwiches or pizza slices.  It was way more than we could eat. The best part of all, at least to Christy and I was the gift of free tickets to see Josh Groban in concert.  We had gone to the outdoor amphitheater to sit way, way outside and listen through speakers. A gentleman came up to us and asked if we knew who was performing.  "Josh Groban", I said.  "Do you like him?"  "Of course!" Then he said his mother had gotten ill and he had two tickets for the show to give away. We'd have to decide which of the seven of us would get the tickets.  Since Christy and I were the biggest fans, and rarely get to go to concerts, the tickets were ours.  I'm not sure if the chills were from the cool evening or seeing/hearing him, but it doesn't matter.  It was FABULOUS!!

Okay, enough of that and on to my card before the deadline comes and I haven't entered it into the challenge.  I told Darnell that I wasn't entering the CASology challenge this week because I couldn't think of anything.  My Mojo got up and went some time ago, hence the long delay between posts.  Then all of a sudden, it came peeking around the corner and as I was making cards for other challenges, it jumped out and said "Boo!"  Or in this case "Book!"

Even though it may be getting obsolete, I thought the phone book followed the cue word.  I tore a page from the restaurant section (the only one that had a full page of script without ads), found the telephone cut on the Nifty Fifties cartridge, and wrote a sentiment by hand.  Do you know how hard it is to work with telephone book pages?  They are so thin  the writing on the back side shows through, and glue seeps through, too, so you have to be careful when you apply it.  All in all, I'm satisfied, although I don't know who I'd send it to.

If you're here today, you must be sticking with me.  I'm thankful for that.  Please let me know you were here and come back again.  I have more to show you.


  1. Bobby, this still works! Just can't beat an iconic image such as the

    I love the bold black against the page of light yellow!
    VERY cool!

    Thanks for joining in the FUN this week at CASology!!

  2. LOVE this - so clever! This will be great for a friend you haven't heard from in a long time! Just like we haven't heard from you - so glad you're back and that you've had a great time! Thanks for playing along with us at CASology, Bobby!

  3. Welcome back, Bobby, and welcome back with a bang! You weren't kidding that your MOJO came back! This is genius!! Seriously, genius!! I was just thinking the other day that I could throw out the phone book taking up a lot of room in a drawer. I'll bet we haven't used it in three years, at least. So you've made a nostalgic card for a lot of us!!

    Glad you had such a wonderful time with the girls! It sounds like such a fantastic family tradition. And to see Josh, to boot, is just WOW!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Love the use of the phone book! I still have one kicking around here somewhere and hardly ever use it. Great card!

  5. What a super card! Such a clever idea to use a page from the phone book. It's perfect!!

    And it sounds as though your girls' week was just as perfect. What a great time! I was super impressed reading about all the free samples... but then to read that you saw Josh Groban in concert. WOW!!! I just took my daughter to see Ramin Karimloo at a concert in an outdoor park. It really is a wonderful experience, isn't it? I'm so glad you had such a fabulous time, Bobby!