Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm Honored and Fusion #18

Two of my cards have made honor rolls lately.  I guess those things, or maybe it's my creativity, run in streaks.  You have a long dry spell and then all of a sudden your cards start getting some attention.  I got a shout out on Retro Sketches #81.  Thank you, Arielle, for picking my card.  This week, enough Muse #36 voters picked my card to land me an honorable mention.  Thanks to all of you who voted for me.  You can follow the links to see the winning cards.

Today I'm posting a card for Fusion #18.

I had an idea for this challenge early on but then the image I thought I had on a Cricut cartridge wasn't there. (I must have dreamed it). So it was back to the drawing board.  I ended up doing some fusing.

I found this cute utensil print in a Basic Grey 6 x 6 pack that I thought sort of/kind of mimicked the photo. I added some other papers from the pack to make the sketch.  It's not one of my favorite cards but I hadn't played the Fusion challenge for a while and wanted to get something in.

ETA:  Oops I missed the deadline for this challenge.  I had it written as Wednesday but it must have been by noon.  Oh, well.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find joy in your day.


Lynn said...

I'm glad you got to play even if the link closed! I love your card...the paper is fabulous!

Kim S said...

Congrats on all of your shout outs - well deserved!! I love that you had a paper that totally looks like the Fusion photo!

Kate said...

Congrats on your honours! How exciting! And too funny that you dreamed up an image. I do that sort of thing all the time...

Great card, Bobby! It's a super design and I love the bold look of the red on pale blue.