Friday, May 16, 2014

16 times 3

Hello everyone,

I'm back.  It's been a while since I posted.  I wanted to, and should have, posted this yesterday but I got caught up in organizing my craft room and time flew.

Talking about time flying, yesterday was the 16th birthday of my triplet grandchildren.  That time really went fast.  Would you believe I do not have a current picture of the three of them.  The best I could do was this one from a Christmas card with their parents.

That's Kyle on the left, the first born, followed by Abby, and then Emily standing between DIL Lisa and my son, Brian.  Emily got her driver's license yesterday and was so excited.  Kyle and Abby both have their permits but neither are that interested in driving.

I had to make special "16" cards for them, of course.

This is Emily's,

and Kyle's,

and Abby's.  

This is a card I posted before but I took some grunge board numbers and embossed them with black sparkle powder for the occasion.  

I'm hoping I can now make time to get back to the online watercolor class and do some homework.  I have loved the class but the last few days have gotten away from me.  I'm up to date on the videos but no practice time.  Now that my desk is cleared, I should be able to try some of the techniques.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are finding time to be creative.


  1. A fabulous trio of cards for your gorgeous grandchildren!

  2. What a beautiful family Bobby! Love the personalized cards & hope you have time this week to work on the watercolor class - I've been enjoying your creations!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Bobby! What a handsome family that is! The parents look like friends of the kids!! Great genes!! Your cards for them are fabulous!!

    I'm still back on Day Five with the homework. Yesterday we were gone all day and today we are doing yard schtuff ... someday I'll get back to it. Hope you are having a great weekend and having fun with watercolors on your clean desk! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Wow! Triple teenagers! Such a beautiful family and amazing cards for each!

  5. Well happy birthday times three! Wow, how exciting and yes time goes so fast Bobby. My 16 year old daughter turns 17 in July!! I can't believe it. You cards are all so perfect too.

  6. Fantastic cards, Bobby. And, what an incredibly gorgeous family you have. Wow--triplets. I'll bet you've got some good stories. My oldest turned 16 this fall and is not interested in driving, either. I am glad, because this way I know where she is all the time!

  7. Blessings times three! How wonderful for you and their parents. And boy, do I ever know how fast that time flies. Have two granddaughters turning 16 this year...April/July. Your cards are wonderful for them. Each geared to them. Love these. They will be just delighted with them, I'm sure. Have a great week. Bev

  8. Thanks for sharing the photo of your grandkids! What a wonderful-looking family you have. My husband told me that it's a trend to not care about getting your driver's license these days ... kids do so much socializing virtually at home (so they say). Love that you made three different cards for them. The sentiment stamped on the banner in your first card is a great detail.