Saturday, May 30, 2015

Happy Anniversary to me and a present for you

Happy Blog Anniversary, that is.  I started my blog 4 years ago today and in the paraphrased words of Virginia Slim "I've come a long way, baby."   Here's the first card I ever posted.

The G and star were cut with my Cricut and the sentiment and "raduate" were computer generated. That's how I began my journey in the land of Blog.  I started it because I wanted to be able to enter challenges and so some of my first were those geared toward Cricut users, some of which may be unfamiliar to you.  In May 2012 I found Less is More where I still enter cards today.  I posted this card.

After that came Freshly Made Sketches, CASual Fridays, and CASology, where I learned what CAS was.  I still enter these challenges - and lots of others.  By the end of 2012, I ventured into buying stamps.  I said I wasn't going to because I could print everything on the computer - that is until I saw someone curve their stamp to follow the line of the image and I liked how it looked. I was hooked!

One of my favorite cards from 2012 is this one, even though it doesn't have any stamping on it.  I sent it to my niece who hates pickles but is so fun and full of life.  She got the humor in it.

For some reason I can't find my cards for 2013.  This may have been when I got a new computer and things didn't transfer over well.  I went to my blog list and found this one. By this time I'd gotten into more stamping, thanks to a release win at Papertrey Ink.

By 2014, I was taking Online Card Classes, trying new techniques and abandoning my Cricut.  I really like this card.

I used rubber cement for masking way back then (like they taught in the Mask-erade online class this past week).

One of my favorites from this year so far is this paper pieced Fusion card.

You can see a dramatic difference between the first three and the last three.  In between there are a number of cards that I'm almost ashamed to say I made.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Through all of this I have made many new friends.  I enjoy reading your posts, seeing your wonderfully creative cards and learning from you.  I appreciate it when you visit me and leave such nice comments.  As a reward for that (and for sticking with me through this long post), I have a present for one lucky commenter.

In my exuberance in ordering things, I sometimes double click an item and end up with two of the same thing.  Rather than return them, I've held on to them to give away at a later date.  That date is now.

The reward package includes The Big, the Bold and Comfort Cutaways by Winnie and Walter, those darling little chickadees from Technique Tuesday, and the Congratulations stamp set from Papertrey Ink.  Just leave me a comment below telling me your newest stamping craze.  I'll pick a winner on June 10.

Thanks for stopping by and happy stamping.


Bonnie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, Bobby! You have embraced a number of styles and I never get bored with your creations. Hmmm. I'm not sure what my latest stamping craze is. I dream of watercoloring so I guess that would be my latest craze.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary Bobby! So fun to see how all of our styles evolve over time. Your cards are always gorgeous. My latest stamping craze...not sure...I think I've always been stuck on flowers. Right now I'm trying not to buy more flower stamps, but I LOVE them!!

Marika said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Bobby! Loved seeing your older cards too. Not sure about latest craze... I just found out (or believed what others are doing and tried myself) that inktense pencils can be used on normal card stock. I always believed that I use too much water and used watercolor paper with Inktenses. Lately I found out that I don't, I've been coloring with them a lot lately on Kraft and white card stock.

BożenA said...

I am your follower for quite some time. Actually, all your cards I like, but there are also outstanding, which stunned me. But every card contains an element that inspires. Thank you for the inspiration. And you can see your huge improvement techniques with time. New experiences and inspirations all work great.

I Card Everyone said...

I am so very honored to be one of the friends you've met, Bobby and to count you among mine. I love seeing your card-journey... you have graduated to the head of the class! Of course I see my fave T.T. Chickadee, so I would pay that one forward if I was the lucky draw... I haven't any of the W&W dies!!! Yikes, would that be a win! Congrats and many, many more years of giving US the pleasure of seeing your cards!
=] Michele

Happy Dance said...

Congrats on your 4th blogaversary! I've been following you for probably 3 of your years, and your posts and cards never disappoint! Always beautiful cards, and love hearing about your days. Being somewhat of a rebel, I tend not to follow trends too much, but I think I'm loving tags right now. And die cuts. And a bit of stenciling...Cardmaking is a passion I guess, and I love everything about it. Most of all, this world has given me new dear friends; like you! Happy for you! Sending happy dances....Bev

Darnell said...

Happy 4th Blog Birthaversary, Bobby! I really like how you laid out this post and took us through your process. It was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your encore cards!! I hope you have many more happy years of blogging and being friends with me!! (Please leave me out of your generous draw as I have overloaded shelves here, too!) Mwah! Hugs, Darnell

Joyce said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary. Your style has evolved, and it is interesting to see the progression. I am so glad that we have met in the blogosphere, and hope that it will happen some day in person as well. Keep it up! Your cards just keep getting better and better.

cm said...

Happy Blogaversary, Bobby! What a wonderful treat to see your 'card evolution' through the years, and kudos to you for finding such gems to share with us! From where I'm sitting, you started with 'talent' (I don't even want to 'think' about my first dabblings, let alonepay them a return visit. EEK!) and over time, have given it opportunity to flourish and bloom. Don't ever feel ashamed about any of the cards you've created: they're all essential parts of the journey that brought you to where you are today: an accomplished designer, whose cards bring joy to those of us fortunate enough to have our paths intersect with yours. I love the pickle card; I love your Fusion card; I love everything in-between. Just so you know: finding you has been one of my best discoveries EVER! You're a gem and a treasure! Hopefully, we'll have opportunity to meet in real, Michele and me (and whoever else wants to join in). Now that would be a dream come true!

Karen Dunbrook said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! I did have to giggle though, knowing that I am not the only one who has ordered double due to the excitement. I so appreciate all your most kind comments and all the visits to my blog. You truly are a special blogland friend and your cards are so lovely.
You asked us to comment about our most latest stamping craze. Well, I think you know mine.....Brushos and Bister! So fun and easy to make a card in my busy life.
hugs mf and happy stamping,

cm said...

D-uh...a whole lot of chatter and I didn't answer your question! My latest stamping craze: making birthday cards (as you've likely noticed) that I'm passing along to my mom who, in turn, is using them as birthday cards for the residents in the nursing home where she volunteers. I'm thrilled that my cards are finding 'homes' and bringing smiles to people's faces.

Kylie said...

Happy Anniversary. What a great look back at your first cards. I usually cringe when I see mine! lol. Yours are fantastic! My latest craze at the moment is using my brushos, starch and cling wrap. So fun!!! xx

Anita in France said...

Happy Belated Blogaversary, Bobby ... congratulations on four fabulously creative years! So enjoyed your 'flashbacks',seeing how your style has evolved and revisiting your gorgeous cards! You chose my current favourite 'Bobby' card to highlight ... the yellow paper pieced tulips ... so blissful! Looking forward to many more years of inspiration to come, my friend! My latest craze ... hmmm ... I've been playing a lot with die cuts recently, and that's pretty new for me! Anita :)