Saturday, June 4, 2016

Make it Monday #251

Well I did it!  I had almost 1400 emails in my inbox and they were weighing me down.  They were coming in faster than I could read and delete them so I bit the bullet and deleted all but the last 100.  I went through those, commenting on some, pinning ideas from others and begging forgiveness for not commenting on the rest.  Boy do I feel better.  I hope I can now keep up with what comes in.

Now on to my card for today.  For Make It Monday. Dawn McVey has a video on gradient watercolor die cuts.  You'll have to watch the video to see what that means.  Unless you can tell by my card.
I basically rubbed my Zigs diagonally across a piece of watercolor paper and then blended them together with water. After it was dry I cut it with my PTI Cross Quilt coverplate.  I was originally going to glue the cross pieces to the card but they didn't stay in the cut and after applying glue they didn't stay in place on the card front.  Scrap that one and proceed on to use the positive - or negative - I'm not sure in this instance.  I cut a fishtail from SSS and added a sentiment from PTI Birthday Bash and an image from W & W.  I think this is a great masculine card.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. So fabulous, those shades of blue are electric!

  2. Your background looks amazing! I love the gradient blues - and it looks fabulous with just the positive (or negative!) cut!!

    Please don't ever feel that you need to respond to one of my notifications. If you get a chance to pop by and visit my blog, great! But if you're bogged down with all your goings-on, please know that I'll be happy to see you when you're on top of things again. Blog visits should be fun and stress free. xox

    1. Thanks, Kate. I appreciate that. You should change your email from 'no reply' so I can answer you directly.

  3. What a great card, very cool!! That's a LOT of emails. I'll bet you do feel relieved!!

  4. Everything positive about this card, Bobby! You've cleared your email, now clear your conscience - we all understand!!! xx

  5. Good for you! 1400 emails is a lot to have to deal with, so deleting them is a great way to start fresh! Your card is just all those beautiful blues!

  6. Congrats on getting caught up with all your emails AND still having time to make a beautiful card! My pieces all fell out too and it took some time to replace them all, but your card turned out beautiful just using the negative (or positive)! The depths of your blues is so pretty too...lovely, lovely card Bobby!! :0)

  7. great card seeing the variation of the colours..
    I hear you about the emails...I need to purge mine too! Good luck with that!

  8. Cheering and applauding your 'fresh' start! 1400 emails...yikes (then again, a sign of how invested you are in this awesome community!). Remember: no need to ever feel obligated to comment on my posts; I know you're sending thought bubbles *grin* Your card: handsome indeed! And with a change of colour...oh, the possibilities! Negative, or positive, it all adds up to awesome!

  9. Beautiful! Love the ombre-ish, the blue colors are gorgeous, and great card! And I agree, blogging AND responding should be fun....not all comments need to be answered! I think we can all agree that life is busy!