Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was going to make a card with sewing on it for a challenge but I'm too busy actually sewing.  I have two quilts to sew the binding on.  That reminded me that I was going to post the quilt that I made my husband's grandson for his high school graduation.

I usually surprise the kids but since his two older brothers had gotten a quilt, one just last year, Ryan knew it was coming.  I asked him what colors he would like and he said "orange and black".  I was afraid that might look too much like Halloween and when I mentioned that, he also said "or black and blue".  Here is a close-up of one of the squares,

This is the first fabric I found that I thought was perfect.  I has the blue background and he rides dirt bikes.

Next I saw this one and knew I had to include it since he plays on the school golf team.

This tennis shoe fabric was just so cute and all the colors coordinated with the other fabrics so it made the quilt, too.

I must make a small confession.  Even though each square has 9 fabrics in it, the quilt called for 12 fabrics.   I didn't realize my mistake until I had the 9 squares sewn together and didn't have enough squares for a twin size quilt.  That's what I get for trying to do it from memory and not checking the directions.  Fortunately I had extra plain and polka dot fabric to add 3 squares and then had my longarm quilter do his initials in the 2 plain ones.  It was a "make lemonade" moment.

Although you've come here to see my cards, I hope you enjoy my quilt adventure. 

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