Monday, October 20, 2014

CTS #96

This has been quite a week so I'm glad Case This Sketch was a two week challenge, and I got my card made a long time ago.

I flipped the sketch for my card.

I used my NBUS Ornament set from SSS, stamping each bulb in a different HA ink.  For the hangers and the sentiment from HA, I used their silver ink  That wasn't quite enough so I covered each bulb with Glossy Accents..

Love the look.

I'm way behind on visiting and commenting.  A little over a week ago my mother had a mild heart attack and was in the hospital.  I had to spend afternoon and nights with my Dad. She came home on Tuesday and on Wednesday I got the call that rooms had opened up at the Care facility and they could check in on Monday.  Thursday I left for Traverse City to be with my son who was having outpatient surgery.  All went well and we had a great time but there went two more days. Add in a couple of glitches and it will be tomorrow when we move them.  I'm sad that it has come to this but relieved that they will now have 24 hour care.  I feel in my heart that we have picked the best facility for them.  It will be difficult leaving a home they have lived in for 53 years but with dementia progressing and health issues continuing to crop up the decision had to be made. I'd appreciate your prayers for a smooth transition and acceptance of a different style of life for them.


  1. Bobby, love your card but more importantly keeping your parents and you in my prayers for a smooth transition. I hope that it all goes as well as possible. xoxo

  2. Lovely card, Bobbie. I am sending good thoughts your way for health and peace to your family. Even if a decision is right, it is not always easy.

  3. So sorry to hear about your mother! Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery!
    I love your approach to the sketch... it's so fun... and clever!

  4. Sounds like you are having a tough time, Bobbie - sending you hugs and best wishes. I hope your parents settle well and your mum makes a good recovery.
    Fab card, by the way - love the glossy accents on the lights :)

  5. Lovely card, Bobby. I will be keeping your mom and dad in my prayers for a smooth transition and acceptance of a different lifestyle. Hugs!!!

  6. The glossy accents really make your ornaments shine, Bobby!
    {{{hugs}}} My parents moved out of the family home last year and sadly they haven't been able to stay together because of mom needing more care. I hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible for you & your parents.

  7. First of all lover your glossy ornaments...Great CAS design! Next, I will say a prayer that your folks are transitioning the best they can in the next chapter of their and your lives and for you to have the patience that you will need in the process! HUGS to you!

  8. I really love this sweet card design, Bobby! Just plumping up those lights with GA is all the pizzazz it needed!!

    My heart goes out to you with this transition. I'm sure people have told you to be prepared for some new or worsening signs of dementia. It happened with Mister's mom, but after a couple of months, she was back to her alert self. We read a lot of books on it at the time; it can be a temporary condition brought on by the trauma of moving from a house that they have known for so many years. You have my prayers for the whole family. This is a trying stage of life that no one looks forward to or wants to face. I'm sending you big squishy hugs, my friend!! Darnell