Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm So Excited!!!

I have been using a baby bug since I first got into the Cricut world last August.  With that, I used Design Studio to plan out my cut sizes and lay out my cards on the 6 x 12 mat.  A month ago, I decided to buy myself a birthday present and went on eBay to get a Cricut Expression.  I won the bid on this beauty.
I was excited about the red, since it's my favorite color and also the color of the walls in  my craft room. 

I have been so busy since purchasing it, that I just now, one month later,  actually turned it on and began using it.  WOW!!!!!  It is SO much better than the personal Cricut  I can't believe it.  The actual picture of the cut you are making comes up on the screen.  Who knew?  That is such a help.  I know I'm probably preaching to the choir since many of the bloggers already have used the Expression for years and have now gone on to the Expression 2, but I just can't contain my excitement.  And the center point cut is wonderful!  Since I do all of my sentiments on the computer, this will be one of the handiest features on my new machine.  Okay, enough jumping up and down.  I need to get back to my machine and begin making some cards.  See you all tomorrow with a card I made for a couple of challenges  BE (Before Expression).

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