Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Word of Warning

I suppose most of you have heard the news about the passing of Davy Jones.  Some of you may be too young to remember The Monkess, and Davy but this isn't just about him.  It's about the fact that he had been experiencing breathing problems,  did nothing about it and suffered a heart attack.

On Monday, my 63 year old brother was having trouble breathing after exercising.  When it didn't get better after two hours, he called 911.  They took him to the hospital, ran a lot of tests and said he had suffered a heart attack.  They did a heart catherization and put in a stent.  He will be fine now but had he waited and not listened to his body telling him something was wrong, the outcome may have been different.

So I'm asking, no begging,  you to know the warning signs of heart attack.  It's different for women than for men but women hesitate to seek help no matter what the symptoms.  Please take care of yourself and your loved one.   Quick response it imperative to save a life. 


  1. Great advice! Sending prayers for your brother!

    1. Oh, dear! I was mourning for Davy' cause you know how much I loved him, but now I'm praying for 'Butch'.
      I love reading your writing. You are so good at it. I'm glad you have this venue to share it with others.
      Love you so much, mom