Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sharing My Storage


Can you guess what this is?  I reminds me of the balconied condos along the Gulf in Alabama where we spend a couple of winter months.  But that's not it.

Here's another hint.

Here's what my inks looked like.  I bought that little shelfy thing at a garage sale but quickly outgrew it.  It was actually a file holder for a desk but I turned it on its side.  It just wasn't working for me so I went looking.  I found this site called StampnStorage that has a lot of handmade storage containers for scrapbookers.  I suspect someone in the family is a paper crafter because they know just what is needed.

The outside is made from birch plywood with the shelving of thin particle board, and is unfinished.  I left the shelves as is but painted the outside black to go with my room.  It has room for 48 Distress Inks but other will fit also and I have some of those on the bottom. 

I went to RangerInk and got a PDF file for a label sheet for all the Distress Inks.  I printed it out, cut the individual names into strips, colored them their respective colors and taped them on each box.  As you can see, I have room for more ink (wink wink).  Now I can find just what I'm looking for and I don't have them scattered all over my desk.  It's just everything else that's scattered, including me.

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  1. You're right, Bobby, someone was thinking! That's a spiffy arrangement and it's especially delightful because you've got room to grow your collection!