Friday, May 17, 2013


Okay, I don't usually do one layer cards.  I'm not a stamper as I've told you before.  And after last night, I can't say that enough.  I'm not a stamper.  For some crazy reason I decided to try to make a OLC for this week's challenge at Less Is More.  There was the added burden of doing it on a colored card blank. Whoa, Nellie!  That's WAY out of my comfort zone.

I got my new quilt print stamps by WPlus9 yesterday and thought this card would be a good way to try it out.  I've seen some beautiful cards done with this stamp and with a positive attitude I began.  I picked a lovely shade of pale yellow knowing that a dark color would show up fine.  Then using dark brown I stamped the first line of the image.  Perfect!  Oh, wow, I CAN do this.  The second line stamped beautifully, too.  And the third.  Then it was time for the sentiment.  I know, I know.  I should have off stamped it first to make sure it was good but did I?  No.  And it was fuzzy when I stamped the card.  (Enter a growl here.)  I turned it over and began again.  Six times I tried to stamp the quilt pattern and each time some part of it didn't come out correctly.  (Enter an anquished scream.)

Now what?  The deadline is nearing and I've mentally committed myself to making a OLC.  No wise cracks, please about the mentally committed statement.  ;)  In a last ditch effort, I pulled out another stamp, plopped it on a piece of pale aqua paper and added a sentiment.

Not my best work but at least I finally made a one layer card.  The bird is from Inkadinkadoo and the sentiment that I curved is from Hero Arts.  Looking at this, it makes me feel like I've taken a step backwards in the card making craft.  When I have more time, I think I'll try this again and add some other medium to make it a little more intricate and colorful.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my woes.  I hope you have a wonderfully creative day.


Chrissie said...

One Layer cards can be very stressful and heavy on wasted card, but in time they're not so scary!
This is great stamping!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Darnell said...

Sorry you had such a hard time, but I'm proud of you for persevering, Bobby! You can always color in or add a bit of bling or ribbon. When I first started with them, oy. I look back on pictures of some of my earlier OLCs and think, really?