Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Asked For It!

Some of you asked.  Well, one of you asked but you're all getting it.  Pictures, that is.  If you're not interested it's okay.  Just come back for my next post.

Yesterday I mentioned that it was my parent's 71st wedding anniversary.  Here is a picture of them at the lake last year.

They've had a few health issues since then but the smiles remain.

It was also my triplet grandchildren's 15th birthday.  Here's a picture of them taken a year ago.

Emily is on the left, then Kyle, and Abigail (we call her Abby) is on the right.  I think they've grown 6 inches taller and the girls' hair a foot longer since this was taken but it's the most recent picture I have of the three of them together.

While I'm bragging showing pictures, I have to show one of my new great grandson, Noah.  He was born one day before my Dad's 97th birthday.  He looks a little bewildered.  I wonder what he's thinking?

For those of you who got this far, thanks for stopping in.  I'll be back later with my regular post.  The mailman just delivered a package and I'm anxious to check out all the crafty things I ordered. If I don't get a card made, I'll just share my haul.

Have a great day!


Glenda said...

Sending Happy Anniversary wishes to your parents! 71 years! How wonderful!
Happy birthday to those cute grandchildren and congrats on your little cutie!
Such a blessed family!

Darnell said...

Yes, I did ask for it and I thank you so much for providing, Bobby! All the pictures are fabbo! Your parents don't look a day over 80! (You can't say that very often!) The triplets look like models, they are so stunning! And Noah, what a crack-up his little face is. He's thinking, "You can take pictures with a PHONE?!"

Kelly Griglione said...

Your parents are adorable, Bobby! I suspect you may have uploaded a photo featured on a professional photographer's site as your grandchildren ... they are absolutely angelic!!! And how awesome that your parents get to see their great, great grandchildren! Thanks so much for sharing your family with us : )

Nancy said...

I so agree with Darnell...your parents look Great and your grandchildren could model WOW....and your new great grandson is adorable and does look very confused! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your family with us!