Monday, August 5, 2013

Family Reunion

I know some of you have wondered where I've been.  I planned to post before I left on Friday before last but things got hectic as we packed to head north for a Knowles family reunion.  I was without internet connection the entire time so didn't get a chance to update my blog.

I wish I had a picture of the entire group but those "official" photos haven't been posted yet for us to copy and save.  There were 70 of us from all across the country - five generations in all.  My parents are the only ones left from the "first" generation and my great grandson is the 5th.

I do have this picture of my own family performing in the talent show.

We wrote a rap about us and some of the events that had taken place.  The dark haired man with the guitar (who looks out of place with all us blondes) is my cousin's son-in-law.  We needed his help to keep us all in tune.

It's not every year that you get to celebrate your birthday with 70 people.  It was an absolutely fabulous time.   There was some secret messaging going on behind my back and my children gave me a Camilla (like Pandora) bracelet and then they, along with my siblings and one cousin group, honored me with beads.

That's my daughter photo bombing.  She's the one who set the entire thing up, including a wonderful fruit pizza dessert and a book for everyone to write messages in.   Thanks to any of you who left me birthday wishes.

Now it's back to reality.  I did get to the local scrapbooking (and a lot of other things) store and will hopefully be back tomorrow to post a card.


Happy Dance said...

Bobby, this looks like a wonderful gathering! Family reunions are such a great time to catch up with everyone. And belated Happy Birthday! Bev

Darnell said...

Welcome back! How blessed you are to have such a wonderful family, Bobby, and that so many of you were able to get together and share memories and make new ones for the little people!! Great photo of you and your daughter!!

Kelly Griglione said...

Awww, super-cute photo of the two of you! I'm sure your daughter is exhausted now ... that's a lot of work to plan for 70 people! What a fun time you must have had : )

Kate said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! The reunion looks like such a blessing!! How fabulous to have five generations together. WOW! And you look AMAZING!! I can't believe you've got great-grandchildren!!