Wednesday, January 1, 2014

RB and RS

It's half time at the Rose Bowl game so I'm taking the time to post my first card for 2014.  Both my son and son-in-law graduated from Michigan State and I thought I heard screaming a while ago when they got behind.  lol

Speaking of behind.  I have gotten way behind on my card making, blog reading and posting.  Everyone says 2013 went fast, and I agree, but it seems like each day goes faster and faster.  I thought I was a fairly organized person but I can't seem to get everything done.

One good thing, if you want to call it that, is that we won't be going to Alabama this year.  We have spent the last 19 winters in Gulf Shores but with my parents in failing health, we cannot leave them and they cannot travel to my brother's in Florida.  That's the down side.  The up side is that I can continue to make cards and enter challenges throughout the winter.  Before I had no way to take all my crafting supplies with me.

My first challenge of the year is Retro Sketches #95.

I just realized when I posted the sketch that I turned it sideways.  I cut a pattern first and then cut a variety of yellow/orange papers to make the rays.  The star is from PTI, cut from some shimmer paper, glued to a heavier cardstock and mounted on foam tape. The sentiment from My Craft Spot is stamped in HA Soft Cantaloupe.

Thank you for giving up some of your time to come by and visit my blog.  I hope that you have a very happy and prosperous new year.


Joyce said...

What a fabulous take on the RS challenge. Smart to make sun rays and a star. Well, apparently we are football rivals, because my husband went to Michigan, and I went to Stanford. Well, fortunately, we can still be crafty friends.

Kelly Griglione said...

Great news that you'll be able to craft throughout the winter! Love your sideways card ... a star is a perfect focal point for these rays (it's hard to think of what else you'd do besides a sun?)

Happy Dance said...

Love this star card, Bobby, and love that you turned it on its side. I sure hope your folks do well over the winter, and I'll be looking forward to all your creations this winter too. Happy New Year. Bev

Bonnie said...

I love this happy, shining star card, Bobby! What a wonderful way to say Hello!

Kate said...

Your star burst looks wonderful, Bobby!

I'm sorry to read that you can't get away this year - but you seem to have a wonderful attitude and can now enjoy your many new (and old) crafting supplies!

Darnell said...

Good to see you back, Bobby! I've had Mister home for these last two weeks over Christmas and he has interfered something terrible with all my visiting! Your card is a really terrific take on the challenge!!

I'm sorry that you are entering some difficult life-changing events. You'll be in my thoughts. Selfishly, I'm looking forward to having you around for the winter! Hugs, Darnell