Thursday, June 12, 2014

LIM #175

There's a color challenge at Less is More this week.  The color of your bedroom.  Well hold on to your hats, folks.  Here's my card.

Yes, the walls in my bedroom are Wales Green by Benjamin Moore.  The cardstock may be a little darker but not much.   The furniture is antique oak and on the bed is a sampler quilt (look under the quilt tab above) hence the WPlus9 embossed and watercolored quilt square on the card.  The sentiment from HA is stamped in Charcoal.

It's been a rough week and I'm glad this card popped into my head and came together quickly.  Last Thursday night, my mother (95) fell and fractured her pelvis and was in the hospital until Monday when she was transferred to a rehab center.  It was a struggle to convince her she had to go, especially since that left my 98 year old Dad at home and he doesn't function well without her.  He does have home care but I have been going over after they leave to make sure he goes to bed.

I am way behind visiting all of you and I feel bad about that.  I love seeing your creations.  I have limited time to do my own creating but I'll keep up my challenge list and when a card comes together like this one did, you can be sure I'll be posting.

Thanks for stopping by.  The sentiment on the card is meant for all of you.


  1. Terrific stamping Bobby, super card.
    All good wishes to your parents... I hope your mother recovers well!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. I knew something was up, Bobby. I'm sorry that it was this. I pray it all goes well so that your mom can get back home to your dad again. My heart goes out to all of you.

    I'm glad you are keeping up with the challenges and getting in some crafty time when the spark hits you. This card stands out a mile in the LIM gallery! It's stunning and it sounds like the perfect representation of your bedroom, which can only be a very joyful space with these colors!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. I'll be keeping your parents in my prayers Bobby. It is so hard to have our parents age. My thoughts are with you.

    Your card is gorgeous. Love the soft coloring.

  4. I think you've done well to produce a card at all Bobby with all that's going on and this is a fabulous one. I love that green - it's my kitchen colour so thanks for sharing.
    Hope things look up soon for your parents.
    Less is More

  5. What a beautiful card and I'll bet your room is gorgeous! The quilt certainly is! So sorry to hear of your mom's fall. I pray she'll recover quickly and completely and be home soon. Don't worry about commenting. You parents are so much more important. Spend all the time with them that you can.

  6. A fabulous card - a great way to capture the elements of your bedroom - especially the lovely quilt!

    So sorry to hear about your mother's fall - I hope she makes a good recovery and that things get easier.

  7. What a gorgeous card, as a quilter who has diverted into cardmaking I LOVE this embossing image, not seen it before!
    Best wishes to your parents
    Thank for for joining us at Less is More this week
    LIM Designer

  8. Fabulous card, and your bedroom must be very interesting!!! So sorry to hear about your mom, and I hope she is better and back home soon.