Thursday, January 16, 2014

LIM #154

Stencils are one of the big trends now.  A lot of the stamp companies are selling them and there's even an online class coming up the end of the month.

I was part of the stencil community before stenciling was cool, or at least popular on cards.  I did it all around the top of my bedroom almost 20 years ago and on various craft objects.  When crafters started showing cards using stencils and embossing paste, I remembered the ones I had stored in my "maybe I'll do this again someday" box.

This was one long stencil but I cut it apart and used it for my card for the Less is More challenge - one layer card using a heart.  I don't normally do one layer cards because I have a limited number of image stamps but I thought this would solve the problem.  I didn't use embossing paste because that wouldn't be one layer.

Instead I used three different Distress Inks and swiped them across the stencil at an angle.  I didn't have any valentine stamps so I printed my sentiment on the computer.  I say "didn't" because I got one set I ordered in the mail today.  (I think I have way too many "I"s in this post. I do try to reword so I don't do that.  Oops I'm doing it again.)

Thanks for stopping by.  Look for these stencils again, especially when the class starts.


  1. Love your sweep of colour across the hearts. I use the PC for a lot of my sentiments, there are so many great fonts, trouble is you don't get the same effect as using a stamp.

    1. You're right, Gina. That's why I started buying sentiment stamps even though I said I wasn't going to.

  2. This looks great Bobby and very inventive!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. "I" think it's just right! Love that you dug your stash and found sense in buying more when you have these!! Great card. Really sweet. Bev

  4. Fabulous card. Great idea to keep your stencils around until they become trendy again.

  5. You were definitely a trend-setter, Bobby! This stenciled OLC heart card is very, very pretty!! I know what you mean about too many "Is," but it is tough. Our posts are like what diaries used to be and so you kinda expect for there to be a lot of Is!! Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  6. I love this, Bobby ... the gorgeous ombré colours, the fabulous order to the stencilled hearts ... brilliant! Sharing the 'I' problem ... it's a tricky one ... look at my first word on this comment! Anita :)

  7. I love the simplicity of this! I remember my mom stenciling pretty much everything in our house! :0)

  8. Gorgeous! Love those sweet ombre hearts!