Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Wishes

Today is my oldest children's birthday.  Yes, I said children. My first born were twins.

Happy Birthday, Lisa and Brian!

I sent Lisa a card I made a while ago but did a new one for Brian.

Inside:  You're another year older?  You sure don't look it.

This is actually a CASE of a card that Therese from Lostinpaper did here.  I changed it up a bit.  She stamped the background and I used a stencil.  She masked the sentiment and I popped mine up. She used a bird and I used a cow.  Take a look at Therese's video to see what I mean.

Thanks for stopping by.  Your visits are always appreciated.


  1. Love this cow and the perfect sentiment! You have such a lovely family!

  2. Happy birthday to your twins! Adorable card!

  3. HOly WOW on all three, Bobby! Having never met your DH, I imagine your son looks like him, but your girl sure does favor you... darling...
    =] Michele

  4. Holy Cow is right - how did they grow up so fast - you gave great looking kids!
    Sandy xx

  5. I'll bet no one ever asked if they were identical, lol! We have fraternal twin boys (boys...they're in their 40s now...) who look nothing alike. Your children are gorgeous, and look so much like you! Brian's card is adorable! Being from Wiscownsin, I'm partial to cows, and this one is so darn cute! Great background too. I'm guessing he loved this card. I do too! Happy Monday. Bev

  6. Haha...CUTE card! And such a great pic!

  7. Sweet photo of your children! And I love your wonderful card, so cute! Love your festive cow with those bold stripes.

  8. What a great photo, Bobby ... your twins share your smile! Hope they had a happy day ... bet this cute little cow had Brian smiling ... it did me! Hugs, Anita :)

  9. Belated Happy Birthday to your twins, who are most definitely beautiful and handsome! *Holy Cow* is sweet little cow taking center stage, as well she should! That expression makes me giggle! I know your son adored this, as do I!