Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy 95th and CS #156

Yesterday was Mom's 95th birthday.  She has been wanting to go to Red Lobster for the past couple of months so we went there last night to celebrate.

She doesn't usually eat much but she did a good job on that lobster and Dad (97) ate like he hadn't seen food in a week.  With care givers generally fixing their meals, I guess they miss really good food.

Today's card is for CASE Study.

I liked the layered shape on the Case Study card.  I cut four layers from Elegant Edges using print paper from Crate Paper's Farmhouse pad.  I added twine and a tiny tag and sentiment from My Craft Spot.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  I hope you have a wonderful day.


wienerhoneymooners said...

Lovely! Excellent mat stacking and the blooms simply a delight!

Joyce said...

Oh, I have to say that your mom is adorable. What a doll. How lucky you are to have such fantastic genes. I love your card, too. I love how you have stacked your mats.

Happy Dance said...

Please give your mom my best regards for her birthday. And also tell her that it's my personal opinion that all the best people are born in September!! Your card is beautiful. No... Stunning is a better word. I think that this is my favorite one of yours! Wonderful. Bev

Bobby said...

If this is my best, then I better go back to doing the kind of cards I used to do. Still trying to find my style. ;)

Kate said...

Happy birthday to your mom!! She looks AMAZING!! And how truly, truly blessed you are to still have both your parents!

Your card is gorgeous! I love the colour scheme and the paper is beautiful!

Darnell said...

I'm glad I kept backing up down your blog to see the posts I've missed, Bobby. Your card is brilliant, but the star of the show is your Mom! God bless her AND your Dad! WOW. I just told the Mister and he charmingly said, "What kept them from killing each other?!!"